A downloadable Flying fish revenge for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Code : C#/FNA by IronPowerTGA (Antoine Guilbaud)

Art by cupcake (Paul Wandley)

Music by Eric Skiff


Finley was once a happy flying fish. A pacificist who lived to swim and avoided predators with ease. Then, the fisherman started coming in droves. They fished and fished and Finley kept saying "they'll move on soon, don't worry!" Then , things got personal. Finley started to lose friends and then his family to the fisherman. That was the last straw. He knew he could not let the fishermen get away with this. Finley decided to take the fight to the fishermen and get revenge!

Histoire :(French)

Finley est un poisson volant heureux, un pacifiste qui ne vit que pour nager et fuir les prédateurs. Cependant les pêcheurs sont venus en masse. Ils pêchaient sans cesse, Finley disait "ils vont bientôt partir, n'ayez pas peur !". Puis, les choses sont devenues une affaires personnelles. Filey commença à perdre tous ses amis et enfin sa famille. Ce fut la goute d'eau qui mit le feu à la charité. Il ne pouvait laisser les crimes des pêcheurs impunis. Finley décida de combattre les pêcheurs et d'avoir une ultime revanche.

To Finish level you must go in the water.

The objective is to increase you score in level. 

if you want  quit level press escape.

Make level

- press o to save

press l to load

- press enter to test your level [save it before to try it]

- press enter to return in the scene map editor

You can share you level : antoine.guilbaudd@gmail.com

Rate the game, post a comment we love to speak with other people ;)

New :

Level editor in the game.

Install instructions

Linux Mac Version : 

open precompiled and excute Fish


The Flying Fish Revenge 1.2.zip 23 MB
Flying Fish Revenge 1.2 Linux Mac Window.zip 38 MB


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Thank you very much


Loved the art style, also having a mapping tool is impressive/fantastic.

Thank you very much.